Group: Management;    System: Day Division: 4-year College;Night Division: 4-year College


The Department of Public Finance at China University of Technology embraces its mission in two major areas. One is life education; its goal is to cultivate the students’ service spirit by means of people-oriented teaching methods. The other is professional education; its goal is to train students to be knowledgeable in the field of public finance so that they can work as professional financial officers in the public or private sector.


Apart from the common courses designed by the Ministry of Education, the main contents of our professional courses fall into two major fields: “Public Finance and Tax Planning” and “Asset Management and Tax Planning”. In addition to lecture classes, we also provide students the opportunities of internship and require students to finish Practical Monograph class before graduation.


At the present, there are nine full-time faculty members in our department. All the teachers here possess different specialties that cover all specific sub-fields of the public finance, which contributes considerably to the balanced development of our department. Our department now has two laboratories: financial education lab and tax simulation lab. In addition, we have several specific classrooms: such as the business information classroom and tax accounting information classroom, which serve the teaching and research functions.


Students successfully completing their degree are suited for the following jobs:

Government Tax and Excise Officials.

Finance and Business Services Associate Professionals.

Customs, Tax and Related Government Associate Professionals.

Accredited Bookkeeper.

Finance and Administration Managers.

Estate Agents.

Accountants and Related Associate Professionals.

Land Registration Agent.

Asset Management Professionals.

Insurance Representatives.

Securities and Finance Dealers and Brokers.

To further their study, receive higher education, and engage in researches.


Regarding academic & industry cooperation, the Department of Public Finance emphasizes integration of theory and practice. We place emphasis on the faculty’s business and taxation background and experience; actively interacting with businesses, while also emphasis on the faculty’s capabilities in practice. The department holds several funding from some accounting firms and also from National Science Council every year.


The Department of Public Finance is looking forward to cooperating with the Management School to form a Financial Holding Simulation Lab. as well as a Cross-Strait Financial and Economic Development Center in the coming year.